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As a food service company, Eden Cuisine, is committed to providing a delightful Whole Food experience that feeds, nourishes and educates our client in the importance of consistent, balanced nutrition and our overall wellbeing. Our Mission is seizing the opportunity to help cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, through the vehicle of our comprehensive ‘FARM TO TABLE’ Meal services.

Students eat the majority of their daily meals at school. During which time, significant lifestyle habits, preferences and attitudes about food and nutrition are formed intentionally by deliberate formal instructive means, peer pressure, or by meal programs that creatively and practically combine foodservice with health and nutrition education.

It is scientifically proven that good nutrition benefits learning efficiency and physical wellbeing.  It is our desire to educate as we serve in a delightful nonthreatening manner. By, maximizing school meal times and dining facilities, we have the opportunity to empower and support schools with providing delicious and nutritious meals.



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Schools served

Geneva Classical Academy

Highlands Christian Academy